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The symposium , which is an episode of monthly series episodes online conferences , was cosponsored by the Middle East North Africa Stroke & interventional neurotherapies organization (MENASINO).The aims of the symposium were to highlight the high burden of Neurovascular disorders  in the region, the need to increase advocacy for people affected by this disorders , educate health professionals in best practice in disease care and to involve all relevant stakeholders in the congress including policy makers and government agencies. The webinars will be delivered at a free of charge registration fee to enable all levels of health professionals and other relevant people to attend. 

Webinar & Education committee Board

  • Dr. Adel Alhazzani (KSA)
  • Dr. Hosam Al Jehani (KSA)
  • Dr. Maher Saqqur (QATAR)
  • Dr. Mohamed Alaa (EGYPT)
  • Dr. Ozcan Ozdemir (Turkey) 

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Previous Webinars Archives

Episode 1 (2019) from Turkey

Episode 2 (2019) from Qatar

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Episode 3 (2019) from Egypt

Episode 4 (2019) from Egypt

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Episode 5 (2019) from Pakistan

Episode 6 (2019) from KSA

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Episode 6 (2020) from Iran

Episode 7 (2020) from UAE

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