Stroke in young

The incidence of stroke in young individuals (defined as those below the age of 45 or 50) in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is not extensively studied, and data specific to the region may be limited. However, there is some evidence suggesting that the incidence of stroke in young individuals is rising in the MENA region, similar to global trends. Here are a few studies and findings that provide insights into the incidence of stroke in young people in the MENA region:

A study conducted in Saudi Arabia, titled “Stroke in Young Adults: An 8-Year Experience from the Western Region,” reported that out of 1,241 stroke patients, 9.4% were younger than 45 years old. The study highlighted an increasing trend in the proportion of young stroke patients over the eight-year period analyzed.
Another study from Egypt, titled “Stroke in Young Adults: A Hospital-Based Study in Upper Egypt,” found that out of 302 stroke patients, 26.2% were young adults (age ≤45 years). The study emphasized the need for increased awareness of stroke in young individuals and the importance of preventive measures.
A review article titled “Young Stroke in the Middle East and North Africa: An Overview” discussed the limited available data on stroke in young individuals in the MENA region. The article highlighted that stroke in the young population is a growing concern and emphasized the need for further research and awareness campaigns in the region.
It is important to note that these studies prov