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Hospital Based improvement Program for stroke care
A 6 levels grading system was designed according to the the capability of each service spot (hospital , center , etc) to present a range of the 5 stroke service bundles of care.
each Service Spot (SS) will have one of the following colors according to the avalibility of the services.
Cost-effectivness registry Based SOPs
SECRET is the first of its type registry to study the parameters for cost/effectiveness analysis for specific steps in the chain of care for stroke patient. The only convincing tool which could be used to approach the politics to be attentive and malleable for changing national plans of healthcare.
Aneurysm Registry & CFD for Best Medical Treatment Registry
This registry is dedicated for the cerebral aneurysm disorders and their type of clinical presentation. The options of treatment and each option effectiveness and cost outcome. Additionally , To investigate the possible application collected from CFD analysis in special situation to guide physician for best medical treatment (BMT) option for a Neurovascular Disorder.
Collateral Bank
To investigate the role of different cerebral collaterals and ways to depict full picture of collaterome and its hemostatic pathways in controlling physiological and pathophysiological conditions in Brain and its disorders.