MENA-SINO Online School for Stoke Unit Accreditation and Workflow optimization

MENA-SINO Education is an online school that offers specialized training and educational materials required for potential  accreditation attainment for stroke units, focusing on the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. The school aims to enhance the knowledge, skills, and efficiency of stroke units by providing comprehensive education and optimizing workflow processes.

The online school offers a range of educational programs designed to meet the specific needs of stroke units, including nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals involved in stroke care. The curriculum covers various aspects of stroke management, including acute stroke treatment, rehabilitation, secondary prevention, and quality improvement.

The accreditation process provided by WSO and MENA-SINO  ensures that stroke units meet specific standards and guidelines set by international stroke organizations. Accreditation signifies that a stroke unit has implemented evidence-based practices, has qualified healthcare professionals, and follows efficient workflow processes to deliver high-quality care to stroke patients.

Workflow optimization is a key focus of the education provided by WSO and MENA-SINO. The school offers specialized training on streamlining processes within stroke units to improve efficiency and patient outcomes. This includes optimizing the triage and assessment of stroke patients, implementing standardized protocols for acute treatment and rehabilitation, ensuring prompt and accurate documentation, and establishing effective communication and coordination among the multidisciplinary stroke team.

MENA-SINO online Educational school utilizes a combination of online learning modules, virtual classrooms, interactive case discussions, and assessments to deliver the educational content. Participants have the flexibility to access the courses at their convenience, allowing them to balance their professional commitments with continuous learning.


The objective of MENA-SINO Education is to promote excellence in stroke care by providing stroke units in the MENA region with access to high-quality education, accreditation, and workflow optimization. By enhancing the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals and optimizing workflow processes, the school aims to improve stroke outcomes, reduce disability, and contribute to the overall advancement of stroke care in the region

1-Public awareness strategies & Primary Prevention Module

2-Prehospital Stage Module

3-Hyperacute and acute Stroke Management Module

4-Secondary Prevention & Risk Factors Management Module

5-Neuroimaging Module

6-Rehabilitation Module