Some Membership benefits 

  • Online courses
  • Webinars recordings
  • Guidelines Podcasts
  • Online hand-ons
  • Voting Processes
  • Case discussion symposiums
  • Waiving of Congress subscription fees
  • E-Proctoring Programs
  • E-fellowship Programs
  • E-Mentorship Programs

Become a Member of MENA-SINO

Become a Member of MENA-SINO


MENA-SINO is the leading professional society in the region representing practicing stroke and Neurointerventional professionals. As a MENA-SINO member, you will advance your medical education and obtain invaluable career training. MENA-SINO membership enables to join a comprehensive platform for Stroke and Neurointervention education and research for all medical professionals with an interest in minimally-invasive image-guided procedures.

This is not only of great benefit to you as a member but also the discipline as a whole and ultimately the patient and patient care.

Membership Types 

  1. Full members: who will be the only eligible members for voting and board members inclusions; knowing that the voting will start a year after the establishment of the corporation. The Full Membership is open to professional (attained consultant level of practice in his country ; confirmed ) Neurologist , Neuroradiologists, Neurosurgeons
  2. Clinical Associate members: The Associate Membership is open to any individual who is not eligible for Full or Junior Membership.
  3. Member in Training Membership: The Junior Membership is open to doctors in training to become Neurologist , neuroradiologists or Neurosurgeons and is limited to a maximum period of three years. Thereafter, the relevant individuals are expected to apply for Full Membership.

100 EURO
Full Member
Established medical practitioners who actively practice interventional , Neurology neuroradiology, endovascular neurosurgery or minimally invasive treatments of neurological diseases or Strokelogist or vascular neurologist in a MENA Plus region country.
Junior Member
Individuals in training and who have vet to complete training necessary to apply for full membership.
150 EURO
Industrial Associate Member
Any individual from the industrial partners in the field of neurointerventions, Neuroimaging , stroke medicine , vascular neurosurgery, or Medical Technologies
Medical Support Member
Individuals of paramedical professions, working in the clinical environment and supporting the treatment of neurovascular diseases, such as nurses, radiographers, technicians and researchers.
*You Need to submit document to prove your status please use the following email: [email protected]