Our Approach

is to collect all subspecialties dealing in the field of stroke and neurointerventions as one body in the region to disseminate our objectives and vision through our structured and planned mission

Why Created 

MENA-SINO was created to achieve the highest level of care for patients through increased collaboration in scientific research and by educating young professionals and training young investigators.  The Society also aims to provide opportunities to connect leaders in the field and provide a common ground for dialogue and the creation of practice and safety standards

Our Story

The story of the organization dated back to 2012 with first meeting of the founders in Pakistan , Lahore city when a group of regional experts in stroke and neuroitrevention from different countries and of different specialities ( Neurology , Neurosurgery and Neuroradiology) met  and they made a consensus for that body and carry the name of Middle East North Africa Stroke and Interventional Neuro-Organization (MENA-SINO). After 3 year the First Annual meeting was held in Alexandria , Egypt. Now the organization became the first and real voice of Stroke and neutrointervention in the Region and umbrella for 18 countries across MENA plus region.

Our Vision 

Be the leading multidisciplinary society for all Stroke practice & neurointerventional physicians specially in MENA area.


  1. In order to achieve this Mission and Vision the Organization shall in particular:
  2. hold the Annual Scientific Meeting,
  3. organize educational courses in stroke medicine and interventional neurology and their tributaries ;
  4. organize any other meetings and promote its purposes;
  5. award prizes or make scientific awards for work aimed at these purposes; and
  6. promote the publication of an official journal and other appropriate documents.
  7. The Association shall be empowered to engage in such other and further means as may be necessary and proper to accomplish its objectives and purposes.