About Us
The MEAN-SINO-A supports access to high quality, globally relevant stroke and Neurointervention education. Our e-learning modules are designed to cover Neurovascular diseases endovascular intervention like stroke intervention , aneurysm EVT , AVM EVT , stroke prevention, diagnosis and acute treatment,  patient care in a variety of formats (slides, conference webcasts, presentations, interviews, quizzes, case studies, etc.). All content is peer reviewed and regularly updated.
What we do
The MENA-SINO Academy (MEAN-SINO-A) is the e-learning platform for the Middle East north africa stroke and interventional neurotherapies Organization .
The MEAN-SINO-A facilitates educational materials for healthcare professionals in a variety of formats (podcasts, webinars, e-learning modules, conference webcasts…) to meet the needs of the MEAN-SINO membership, with the support of the MEAN-SINO Committees and the Stroke Connector programme.
The role and scope of the MEAN-SINO-A are not trivial. The MEAN-SINO-A carries multiple responsibilities, from managing editorial decisions and leading strategic directions to disseminating and enhancing the knowledge of stroke & Neurointervention around the world in support of the MEAN-SINO vision.
The MEAN-SINO-A provides the technical support for, and coordination of, MEAN-SINO online educational and promotional webinars and social media activity.
The MEAN-SINO-A organizes and coordinates online outreach activities for the MEAN-SINO (Education Committee, Research Committee, Stroke Connector).
Why we do it
The vision at the Middle East north africa stroke and interventional neurotherapies Organization is a world where people live free from the effects of stroke and other neurovascular disorders . The MENA-SINO Academy (MEAN-SINO-A) is aligned to this vision and aims to promote professional stroke education and neurointervention training and raise awareness of MENA-SINO as a Rgional leader in stroke and Neurointervention.
  • We believe that through the education of health professionals worldwide we can make a real difference and help to alleviate the regional burden of Cerebrovascular disorders .
  • We believe it is a priority to develop efficient and adaptable methods for delivering education in low-resource settings.
  • We believe it is key to facilitate stroke education and Neuroendovascular training by supporting stroke networks to foster educational activities at national and regional levels.
The current goals of the MENA-SINO Academy (MEAN-SINO-A) are based on strengthening three pillars: i) teamwork and collaboration, ii) facilitating access to practical and high-quality material relevant to our daily neurovascular practice, and iii) supporting the vision of the MENA-SINO.
At the MENA-SINO Academy (MEAN-SINO-A), we are a team that welcome new ideas and foster diversity of opinions to achieve excellence.
Aim & Scope
The MENA-SINO Stroke & Neurointervention Academy is a core educational activity of the Middle East north africa stroke and interventional neurotherapies Organization and provides high-quality stroke education to healthcare professionals.

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