Continuing the leading role of the MENA-SINO as one of the regional leader with mission to improve the health care level for Cerebrovascular disorders and NeuroIntervention in our region on both service quality and training a well qualified physician

MENA-SINO in collaboration with St Michael hospital , University of Toronto
And neuroscience institute , University of Alberta , Canada

Cordially announce 2 slots for 1 year fellowship in vascular neurology for the first track ( out of 3 tracks ) for attaining the 2.5 years MENA-SINO certified fellowship of Neurovascular and NeuroInterventional training program

To apply for the grant which is 60k Canadian dollars
Please fill the form TO APPLY

Deadline for application : 30 may 2021
Date of announcing the winners : 15 June 2021
Date of starting the training : 15 October 2021


Be the leading multidisciplinary society for all Stroke practice & neurointerventional physicians specially in MENA area.


* To operate and represent a society of persons interested in the innovative treatment of cerebrovascular and other vascular neurological disease. * To foster cooperation among specialists and sub-specialists who are involved in the interventional treatment of neurological disorders. * To foster scientific research in the field of cerebrovascular diseases and neurointerventional procedures through internal and external collaboration with other groups. * To raise awareness and disseminate knowledge concerning developments in cerebrovascular diseases and neurointerventional procedures by promoting, conducting, and supporting teaching activities for the public, physicians, and scientists interested in this field. Such activities include but are not restricted to developing public educational resources, arranging professional meetings for the presentation and discussion of papers and practical workshops dealing with such developments. * To promote and improve the training of vascular and interventional neurology in teaching programs in collaboration with other organizations. * To address practical issues faced by specialists and sub-specialists who are involved in the interventional treatment of neurological disorders. * To address practical issues faced by specialists and sub-specialists who are involved in the interventional treatment of Stroke

Countries MEMBERS

MENA-SINO is the official network platform for more than 17 countries in the region including Egypt, Sudan, Lybia, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon,Lebanon, Iraq Pakistan, Indonesia , Thailand, Malysia, Iran, Turkey and Qatar.

1-Recent Publications of MENA-SINO recommendations for Stroke and Neurointervention

1-Proximal Internal Carotid artery Acute Stroke Secondary to tandem Occlusions (PICASSO) international survey (Published in By Dr Ossama Mansour)
2-Coil-and-Go” model for acute good grade subarachnoid hemorrhage: an innovative care model in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia (Published in By Dr Hosam AL-JEHANI)
3-The role of computed tomography angiogram in intracranial hemorrhage. Do the benefits justify the known risks in everyday practice? (Published in By Dr Adel Alhazzani)
4-Favorable first-pass recanalization rates with NeVa™ thrombectomy device in acute stroke patients: Initial clinical experience (Published in By Dr Atilla O Ozdemir)
5-Mobile stroke unit versus standard medical care in the management of patients with acute stroke: A systematic review and meta-analysis (Published in By Dr Maher Saqqur & Dr Ashfaq Shuaib)
6-Characteristics and Comparison of 32 COVID-19 and Non-COVID-19 Ischemic Strokes and Historical Stroke Patients (Published in By Dr Yahia Imam & Dr Ashfaq Shuaib)
7- Characteristics of Large-Vessel Occlusion Associated with COVID-19 and Ischemic Stroke (Published in By Dr Seby John & Dr Syed Irteza Hussain)
8-Cerebrovascular events and outcomes in hospitalized patients with COVID-19: The SVIN COVID-19 Multinational Registry (Published in By Dr Ossama Mansour)
9-Deciding Thrombolysis in AIS Based on Automated versus on WhatsApp Interpreted ASPECTS, a Reliability and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Developing System of Care (Published in By Dr Ossama Mansour)
10-COVID-19 international neurological registries (Published in By Dr Mohammad Wasay)

With great pleasure we announce the launching of the

2- Joint MSC/GSS Stroke Unit Certification Program

Through the Joint Partnership with German Stroke Society and TÜV from one side and MENA-SINO from the other side , reviewer , educators and auditors altogethers have one mission to elevate the stroke practice in the Middle East North Africa Region. This partnership will help in different level to raise the stroke standard of care. through creating. READ MORE

3- NeuroVascular Club Forum

is the first international and interactive forum for stroke ,neurovascular disorders and neurointerventions . it is designed in special and innovative way to present a comprehensive platform for education, communication and discussion of stroke , neurointerventions. this gateway is based on the case presentation where cases are archived and indexed by identifier . and Webinars and seminars are also are avalible for education and training. 

(to visit Neurovascular club click on its Logo)