Procedure of Endorsement of a Publication

MENA-SINO is frequently asked to endorse papers. A process needs to be in place that establishes transparent mechanisms and criteria.

There needs to be from the start a clear separation of the peer review process (led by the journal) and the endorsement process.

Which papers:

  • Paper with clear recommendations / statements of opinion (not research or review papers) are eligible for endorsement
  • Accepted after peer review: This is important to not prejudge the outcome of the peer review process. This also helps avoiding issues related to confidentiality and conflict of interests.

Assessment criteria:

  • Relevance of topic to the MENA-SINO (it is expected that endorsement will be granted only in a limited number of cases)
  • Track record of authors
  • Representation (leader in the field)
  • Appropriateness of journal for designated audience
  • Fitting with MENA-SINO policy/standpoint


  • Appropriate Subcommittee (or expert ad hoc committee suggested by Subcommittee)


  • MENA-SINO Executive, advised by the appropriate Subcommittee

Form of endorsement:

  • The MENA-SINO Executive will decide wheter the endorsement will be from
    a) The society as such (through the Executive) or
    b) By individual members