MENA-SINO awards of excellence

The Middle East North Africa Stroke and Interventional Neurotherapies Organization (MENA-SINO) Awards of Excellence are prestigious recognitions given annually at a conference. These awards aim to acknowledge and honor the exceptional contributions of professionals in the field of neurology, specifically in stroke medicine and interventional neurotherapies. Here’s a general idea of what each award might represent:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award: This award is typically bestowed upon a seasoned professional who has made significant, long-lasting contributions to the field of stroke medicine and interventional neurotherapies. The recipient would have a distinguished career marked by groundbreaking research, exceptional patient care, and/or impactful teaching. More than 20 years contribution to stroke service, research, training
  • Mechanism; nomination by members/ executive committee
  • Excellence in Research Award: This award recognizes an individual or a team that has conducted outstanding research in the field of stroke medicine or interventional neurotherapies. The recipient(s) would have contributed significantly to the scientific understanding or treatment of neurological conditions, with their findings published in reputable medical or scientific journals.Number of publications/ impact factor/ citations/ research innovation
  • By application/ nomination
  • Stroke Service Award: This award is given to a professional or an organization that has demonstrated exceptional service in the field of stroke medicine. This could encompass clinical care, rehabilitation services, or community outreach and education about stroke prevention and treatment. Establish/ promote stroke service in region/ innovation in service
  • By application/ nomination
  • Stroke Advocacy Award: This award is given to an individual or organization that has made significant strides in advocating for stroke patients. This could involve policy advocacy, raising public awareness about stroke prevention and treatment, or providing resources and support for stroke survivors and their families.   
  • Public awareness/ advocacy/ role in policy making/ role in establishing national guidelines or national services/ publications related to advocacy/ world stroke day activities
  • By application/ nomination
  • Neurointervention Award: This award is given to a professional who has made significant contributions to the field of neurointervention, a subspecialty of medicine focusing on minimally invasive procedures to treat conditions of the brain and spinal cord. Innovation/ research related to interventional neurology/ new services/ techniques/
  • By application/ nomination
  • Excellence in Teaching Award: This award is given to an educator who has demonstrated exceptional dedication and skill in teaching students in the field of neurology, stroke medicine, or interventional neurotherapies. The recipient would likely be a faculty member at a medical school or teaching hospital who has made a significant impact on their students’ learning and career development. Lectures at national international conferences/ courses/ webinars/ training of fellows/ innovation in teaching
  • By application/ nomination
  • Young Researchers Award: This award is given to a young professional who has shown exceptional promise in their research in the field of neurology, stroke medicine, or interventional neurotherapies. The recipient would likely be an early-career researcher who has already made significant contributions to their field. Research contribution; less than 45 years old/ cash award
  • By application/ nomination

The awards are typically accompanied by a certificate or plaque, and there may also be cash prizes, particularly for the Young Researchers Award, to support the recipient’s ongoing research. The specific criteria and selection process for these awards are likely determined by the MENA-SINO organization.


announcement; web site, social media, journal ad

Online application mechanism

Evaluation committee; 3-5 members of EC

Award announcement; web site

Award ceremony; at conference

Inclusion criteria

Must be located in mena sino region

Life time achievement awards can be given to person who are originally from this region but practicing in other parts of world (USA, Canada, Europe etc>

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